Curator lambda for AWS ElasticSearch

Inspired by the post from elastic

Deploys a lambda function to run curator on a scheduled basis.

Curator config

Create a yaml configuration file for your ElasticSearch domains and upload it to s3.

- name: example logging cluster
    - prefix: logstash-
      days: 365

- name: example metrics cluster
    - prefix: metricbeat-
      days: 14
    - prefix: packetbeat-
      days: 14

After you have uploaded the configuration file you can launch the stack

CloudFormation Parameters

You can specify the CronSchedule either via a lambda cron expression or rate expression.

The lambda function uses Signature Version 4 Signing Process to authenticate against the ElasticSearch domains.

Tested and validated against ElasticSearch version 5.1

You can find the project on github